A Walk For Peace, Mission Will Be Continued Says Social Activist Shanti Chauhan

    A Walk For Peace

    The past few months, since she has taken up the Journey of Truth, walking through the streets of different gully’s, chawls, building complexes, and housing colony’s, of the Mumbai North Central Area, Shanthi Chauhan has seen a recurring emotion amongst people.

    No matter what the social, religious or economic background, she finds that every person works hard, fight for their rights and stand for their families for one main reason – Peace.
    Because progress and growth of an individual, family or nation can only happen when there is an atmosphere of Peace and harmony.

    There can be no progress, no improvement and no growth in a hostile or hatred filled environment. The only thing that grows in a hostile environment is Hate and insecurity.

    So the main calling of all the 1.3 billion citizens or our wonderful country today is – Peace and Love.



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