Abandoned Vehicles and Bikes, Big Problem In Mahim, Citizens Complained to Traffic Department

    Abandoned Vehicles and Bikes

    14th Jan Monday 2019. Abandoned Vehicles and Bikes opposite St. Michael’s church at lady jamshedji Rd near Mahim Subway and Mahim Nakhuda garden has become a nuisance.

    Increasing number of abandoned and unclaimed seized vehicles outside the Mahim Traffic Police Chowky. Vehicles have taken up space meant for pedestrians and residents as well as causes inconvenience to school children. 100 of bikes are gathering dust, while cars lie in dilapidated condition.

    In case there is a dead rat in the abandoned cars and bikes  it stinks a lot, the Bmc cleaners are not ready to sweep road resulting in layers of dust accumulating on it.There are schools in the area children keep passing by, in case if someone gets hurt, who will be responsible? Its also causing heavy traffic jam. This road is meant for walking but we cannot walk at all. Some of these vehicles have been lying idle for over a decade and are in dilapidated condition. Entrance of Mahim Nakhuda garden and Mahim Subway are blocked due to these abandoned bikes and cars.

    The traffic department needs to auction these vehicles themselves or figure out a place to keep these vehicles.

    Request to Joint Commissioner of traffic police to look in matter and shift these bikes and vehicles to some other place.

    Irfan Machhiwala

    Farooque Dhala



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