ArkDeck Bar Violated All Rules And Regulations Report Revealed, Cookie Singh’s City Limozine Connection!


    #ArkDeckBar owners claims MV Avior ran aground due to anchor drag caused by foul weather and all 15 people on board were rescued but maharashtra maritime board had given permit for only 7 people on board in foul weather
    #ArkDeckBar liquor licence FL-III granted to Harmeet Sawhney alias Cookie Singh for sale of imported and IMFL alcohol only on the Bandra jetty and not on board MV Avior while cruising; Cookie Singh got excise permits despite links with City Limouzine scam accused Syed Masood


    #ArkDeckBar Capt ShirGaonkar is 1st class Master certified to operate vessels of up to 960 BHP capacity but MV Avior had 1700 capacity engine for which the crew was not competent and qualified

    #ArkDeckBar the survey certificate issued by maharashtra maritime board permits MV Avior 7 crew + 68 pax (total 75) capacity but the last season party hosted on 24 May 2018 had 240 guests.




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