Ban#Me Too Movement & Join #A ction Too,Navin Lade Appeals


    *Aishwarya D. Mayekar.*
    *Isn’t, supporting ‘ Me Too’ unfaith in constitution?*
    *Now ‘Action Too’ is required!!*
    *Now-a-days in India, ‘Me Too’ campaign is being discussed on large scale. So far, Under this campaign allegations are made on reputed People. Many women are joining this campaign are bringing into light the unjust made to them. If we consider the male dominated culture in India, we may feel that this campaign which has arrived in India from Western Nations is proper. But for protection of both men and women of our country and for proper arrangement , Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar has made some law provisions in our constitutions.* *Still, is not supporting ‘Me Too’ which has arrived in Indian from western countries is indirectly showing unfaith in constitution? Is not by raising questions on Law and order situation, we are insulting constitution?*
    *Though in India there is male dominated culture, the constitution given by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is a priceless contribution to Indian women. This needs to be noted by women of present generation. The Laws, based on Hindu Code Bill prepared by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar for giving rights on ancestorial property, provisions for marriage and divorce, and for rights of women, were made by government for women. The age old inequality between women and man in India was destroyed by granting women ‘Right of Voting’ by using principle of equality and principal of ‘One Person One Value’ in constitution. The Indian women are not restricted to household duties such as cooking and upbringing of children and bon on their education was lifted and they got the opportunity to work equally along with men. Today due to this contribution women are working equally along with men, in all fields.* *Also they are working as Doctors, Pleaders, IAS Officers, Piolets and even they worked on the post of President. In spite of all these provisions made by Dr. Babasaheb* *Ambedkar in* *constitution, how Indian women without keeping belief on constitution, think that they will get justice through ‘Me Too’? This is a deep question.*
    *The survey of 1000 elderly Indian Persons made by ‘UGOVE INDIA’ in between 16th October and 22nd October on ‘Me Too’ campaign revealed that this campaign has made deep impression on dialogue between men and women especially at working places. By coming under the pressure of this campaign fifty percent of men in the city are avoiding to come in contact with women. This is proved through this survey. In future by making misuse of this campaign, any woman in India, through this ‘Me Too’ campaign will first make allegations, then will defame and then will defame and then by making settlement or by putting financial demand, will stand cycle of looting any man and thus the ‘Me Too’ campaign in will become tool of robbery.* *In addition to this, if such cases not only from Film Industry but also from other fields will start comming before the world, then it will be very difficult to predict the adverse effects that will take place in the society. Also due to this campaign incidents such as suicides, murder, fightings may take place. Also mutual faith between men and women, youngsters will be lost and this will affect on their handling (business) and further fear will be produced between them, which will ultimately result in to creation of men and women chaos.*
    *In India, insult of Judiciary is assumed as traitorism. In such a condition how fair it is for women to reveal the crime through ‘Me Too’ campaign instead of demanding justice at that time for atrocity that has taken place on them many years ago? As per law there is equality between men and women. It means that no differiation is being done. In such a situation, insulting Judiciary by joining campaign like ‘Me Too’ by women may be assumed as traitorism. Although, revealing the unjustice by women is important from the point of view of the society, still it is shameful for women to act like this even though the crime is not generally proved, if it has taken place many years ago. Meanwhile, I have read a news in one daily which has a title, “In opposition of ‘Me Too’, ‘Against Too’. Mr. Navin lade, President, Panchsheel Seva Sangh has put a demand to Human Right commission for imposing ban on ‘Me Too’. So if women, without keeping faith on constitution for their self respect and by insulting judiciary, are giving response to ‘Me Too’, then in future the men in this country will not also be safe.*
    *The women from upper class to general class of the society in India are harassed and affected due to rape, molestation, marital harassment, sexual harassment, mental and physical harassment that are taking place every day at some or other place. Still, in India existence of the cultural relationship based on marriage and family and the Indian culture of respecting women, is very strong as compare to other countries. But due to ‘Me Too’ campaign which has come from western countries and which is not at all related to India, the relationship which are existing and trusted since last 21 centuries, will get spoiled and also in addition to this, it is not wrong to say that the Indian culture which assumes or respects other women like mother, sister or daughter will be in danger.*
    *Aishwarya D. Mayekar.*
    *Sathaye College.*



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