Bar Girl Raped ,Sex Video ,Blackmailing Accused Arrested by Goregaon Police


    arrested for raping a bar girl and blackmailing her after making a sex video :
    A 30-year youth has been arrested for raping a bar girl and filming the sex video and blackmailing her. The Goregaon Police have arrested the notorious youth.
    According to the police, the victim is a 28-year-old married woman who lives in Vikhroli with her husband and two children. Her husband is a driver hence to make both ends meet the lady started dancing in a bar in Malad without her husband’s permission. Taking advantage of this fact the accused Vikas Joglekar blackmailed her to meet him at a private printing press located on Ram Mandir in Goregaon. He threatened her that in case she declined to meet then he would expose her secret profession to her husband.
    Helpless, the victim went to meet Vikas where he purposed to marry her but the victim declined. Vikas was hurt but he left her to go home. Nevertheless, after a few days, Vikas once again forced her to spend some quality time in isolation in a guest home. The victim declined but Vikas forced and raped the victim in the silence of the guest home. In order to keep her mouth shut, Vikas cleverly filmed the sex video. He threatened the lady that he will show the video to her husband and make it viral if she does not satisfy his sexual hunger in the future!
    Frightened, the lady gathered strength and narrated her ordeal to her husband. Fortunately, her husband understood her wife’s dilemma and asked Vikas to delete the sex video but Vikas refused and started abusing and assaulting her husband. Eventually, the accused and her husband lodged a complaint to the police. The Police have arrested Vikas under 376 IPC and transferred the case to Malad Police as the guest house is at Malad. Edited by Mansoor Khan



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