BJP MLA Ram Kadam Enjoying Beautiful Girl’s company in a party, picture viral on Social Media , Ram Kadam once again caught humiliating women!!


     BJP MLA Ram Kadam once again caught humiliating women!!
    It seems BJP MLA Ram Kadam has gone crazy and has donned the guise of Ravana! In a typical style of Ravana who kidnapped Sita, Ram Kadam was caught in public making the ridiculous remark calling young men to help them in ‘kidnapping’ the girls who decline to accept their love proposal!
    Despite brickbats and an apology, Ram Kadam is once again caught in a wrong act! This type, once again humiliating women!!
    In a picture  Ram Kadam is caught acting like the mythological Ravan who enjoyed the Raas Leela with beautiful girls, similarly, Ram Kadam too has been captured in a camera rejoicing the company of charming and seductive girls in a party with other BJP leader Rahul Mahajan!! In another Picture we can see NCP leader Asif Bhamla also enjoying the party.
    Looking at the shameful pictures one can only say that the true face of BJP leaders is exposed and like the Elephant BJP leaders too have – two sets of teeth-one to show off and the other to chew with i.e Hathi ke dant dekhane ke aur khane ke aur –

    News Input and Edited by Mansor Khan.



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