BJPMay lose Power in Forthcoming Assembly Election,Astrologer Subarata Banerjee Predicts


    Guruji,The renowned world famous astrologer Sri Subrata Banerjee sent his opinion that according to Mundane and Horrary Astrology upcoming 5 states assembly election in Chattrisghar and rajastha ascendent Cancer , Mizoram Scorpio & MP Capricorn , Telegana Sagittarius . The time of election from Nov 12 to Dec 7, Saturn will transit in Sagittarius , Jupiter is in Scprpio/ Capricorn. Mars in in Capricorn with ketu and Rahu is in Cancer. All planetary position indicates all rulling party will face problems . But Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh & mizoram will face major problems to win may be present govt will change. This is not any political analysis just a prediction to prove that our ancient culture .



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