Car Dealer Mahesh Kumar Havewalla Arrested by Kalwa police From Vashi


    *Police Mahanagar Breaking:-*
    *A 46-year-old car dealer Mahesh Kumar Havewalla from Vashi arrested by Kalwa police*
    Based on a specific information received to Dr Binu Varghese regarding a Imported car plying under bogus registration number of an Hyundai i10 which had been used for the Imported Sunny Nissan car. The said car was intercepted within 3 mins & seized after information been shared with PI Manohar Awhad,Kalwa Division.The vehicle was seen in NaviMumbai heading towards Thane when the information was shared by Dr Binu Varghese to the officials.The said vehicle has been handed over the Kalwa Police station for further inquiry.The driver a dealer from Vashi has been arrested for further investigation. Many more high end cars are in the possession of the accused which has to be verified.

    Picture of car seized by Kalwa Police.



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