Diwali Crackers make Andheri Most Polluted city in Mumbai While Bhandup records the ‘Cleanest Air ‘


    Andheri records ‘Very Poor’ Air-Quality while Bhandup records the ‘Cleanest Air’!
    Honorable Supreme Court’s restrictions on the time frame on bursting fire-work were largely violated as several Diwali enthusiasts enjoyed bursting crackers late till midnight resulting in ‘Very Poor Air Pollution’. In Mumbai, Andheri broke the records and was declared as the ‘Most Polluted’ Areas in the city! In contrast, Bhandup recorded the ‘Cleanest Air’ in the city.
    It may be noted that the Air-Quality Index (AQI) according to Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) beyond 0-50 is considered good, 51-100 is satisfactory, 101-200 is moderate, 201-300 is poor, and 301-400 is very poor!!! In Andheri the AQI recorded was a whopping Andheri 308 on Tuesday and an astounding 355 on Wednesday!!! Readers would be shocked to that AQI of Andheri thus even broke the records of Delhi which is regarded as the worst air polluted city as Delhi recorded maximum 302 AQI
    Air Pollution level in Mumbai has thus increased gradually since the past years. In 2016 the AQI was 278 (Poor) and in 2015 AQI of 279 (Poor) but this year the Air Pollution level in Mumbai broke all records as it reached 355 (Very Poor). What is shameful is that Mumbai attended the disgraceful ‘Very Poor’ AQI tag despite the Supreme Court’s restrictions!!!
    Other suburbs in Mumbai that recorded Very Poor AQI are Borivli at 301 while Bandra Kurla Complex, Malad and Mazgaon recorded Poor AQI of 297. The remaining locations in the city recorded ‘Moderate’ air quality while Bhandup recorded the cleanest air in the city, at 101.



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