Durga Puja Special : Sandhi Puja is Mainly Worship of Goddess Chamuda : Subarata Banarjee


    SANDHI PUJA is mainly worship of goddess Chamuda with 108 lotus ( Nelumo necifera) or aparajita (Clitoria ternatea) flowers and 108 dubbas (paddy straws) with 108 (prodeep) lamp lits at the last 24 mins of ashthami thithi to first 24 mins of Nabami Tithi. Generally known as the time of Durga devi entering into the idol. But according to the Brihaddarma purana and blamiki’s (main) Ramayana lord Bhrama was claimed to be the priest of rama while praying and praises goddess Chandi, then Goddess Chandi appeared from lanka and blessed Rama to kill Ravan while in this moment. So within this 48 mins the Chandi puja is also practised. We also know so many ramayan written by sri Krritivas, Tulshidas, and other’s where we found Ravan is the priest of that puja, knowing that this is happening for his defeat and death, but if he being the priest how can he fight with rama and died at the same moment. Basically our ancestors have been promoting the women power as the power of devi durga in spiritual view.

    News Input by Subarata Banarjee (Guest Editor)



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