First Phase of Loksabha polls BJP may lose more seat,Astrologer Subrata Banerjee Predicts

    Astrologer Subrata Banerjee.

    According to mundane astrology as on date of 1st phase of general election 11.4.2019 . Where in Andhra pradesh (25 constituency) TDP may lose 8 to 9 seats to NDA, In UP (9 seats) BSP And SP will get 3 seats , and INC 2 seats to 4seats to BJP may leads. Bihar (4 seats) RJD 2 and 2 NDA, manipur to be favoured to Congress (1 seat) and Uttarakhand (4 seats)may lead by NDA and 1 seat for Congress. In West Bengal (2 seats) will win by TMC. Congress will benefitted in Assam. Andaman will be in favour of BJP. Overall NDA (38 +-1), 3rd front 32, Congress alliance will gain rest of seats may gain.



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