Friday was the coldest day in Mumbai ,IMD warns more Cold Waves in next two days

    A young woman walking and enjoying at the Rembrandt Park during snowfall in Amsterdam,Netherlands.
    Representative Image from Google,Gateway Of India, Mumbai, India. (Photo by Marka/UIG via Getty Images)

    Friday was the Coldest day and Mumbaiker enjoyed it ,Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) recorded the Lowest  maximum temperature in February in a decade st 24.50C at Colaba and 24.20C at Santacruz.


    According to the IMD report  the  lowest maximum temperature until now was in the February of 2014, when it was recorded at 26.30C.  it had never gone below that in the past decade. With this variation expected to continue for next few days, IMD has asked citizens to take care, as it will be really chilly with cold winds.
    The minimum temperature recorded on Friday by IMD Mumbai was 17.60C at Colaba and 14.40C at Santacruz.



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