Grand Wedding reception attended by Abdullah khan and Zubair Ansari At Islam Gymkhana


    Grand wedding reception which was held at Islam Gymkhana by city’s top and respectable family Supariwala and Kudia, the reception witnessed big celebrity crowd. It was not only wedding reception but also a big get together .
    Abdullah khan Md of Ryder Cycles also attended this grand wedding reception with his lovely and beautiful wife Gazala khan and son Amaan khan.
    Abdullah khan seen enjoying the party with his close friend Captain Zubair Ansari and his wife .In Pictures we can see (L) Fauziya ,Gazala, Zubair, Sumaira, Nazhat.
    Zubair Ansari a business Enterpreneur and director of the Volcano Enterprises mining company also seen enjoying the party with his family and in company of Abdullah khan.
    ” it’s a good reception party Nadeem supariwala is our family friend we have come here to give our blessings to the newly wed couple. Good gathering and delicious food we enjoyed “, said Abdullah Khan.
    Another guest Zubair Ansari also enjoyed the party ” Such type of gathering gives us opportunity meeting with the good and different types of people in such party family feel comfortable because the whole atmosphere is like family ,” Said Captain Zubair Ansari.
    The wedding reception was attended by city’s top Bussinesmen, politicians ,Mumbai Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar’s and others.



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