Islam Gymkhana Election Controversy ,Schedule is wrong Shamsher pathan alleges

    Islam Gymkhana Election Controversy

    Dear members.
    Now I am revealing shocking things on election schedule.
    1. Why long period from 6 march to 15 march ( 10 days ) given to file nomination ?
    2. Most important is the final withdrawal date which is 23 march and polling on 24 march,next day after withdrawal.
    It’s very very shocking that not even 24 hrs. are not given to contestants to campaigning. I am shocked to see this.
    Morever withdrawal will be on 23 march. Where is time for election committee to print ballot papers and errection of poll booth? This will require another 4 to 5 days to print ballot papers and to make make preparation for poll.
    Forever so far final list of eligible voters not displayed. Before the declaration of election schedule, management should have given final notices to all members to pay their dues. From date of declaration of poll schedule office should display list of eligible voters, office should not accept any amount after declaration of election schedule. But now as such nomination forms are being accepted and defaulters are given chance to pay dues. The most million dollar question as when the final list of eligible voters will be prepared and when it will given to the contestants? Without final list of voters,election can not hold.
    I am told that there will be 3 polling booths. I my opinion there will be 1000 (approx.) Voters will be there. This of ballot paper will be very long because as if now there are 4 panels in fray and apart from this there will be huge number of independent. Ballot paper will contain more than 100 names. A voter will require minimum 5 minutes to vote 20 odd people from 100. Hence in 6 hours 3 polling booth will allow 12x3x6= 216 voters to vote.
    In my opinion 100% election can’t be held as schedule. The election schedule has to be rescheduled. Otherwise there will be chaos. Tapori gang will create ruckus.
    Hence let this election be rescheduled.
    Shamsher khan Pathan.
    ACP Retd.



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