Jamal Siddiki Appointed New Chairman of Maharashtra State Haj Committee

    Jamal Siddiki adressing press conference in Mumbai.

    Mumbai, March 12 Maharashtra state Haj committee newly chairman Jamal Sidddiki today urges the central government to increase the quota for Haj pilgrims of Maharashtra as Saudi government has recently granted an additional quota of 25 thousands piligrims to India.

    Speaking to media persons here he said that a minimum ten thousand quota should be increase as the people from various state migrated in Maharashtra and are permanently residing in the state.

    He said that presently state has quota of 12700 per annum – is much less than the Muslim population. Thousands submit applications to perform the Haj pilgrimage, but get rejected repeatedly,”

    He urged the central government to increase quota which would enable more faithful get an opportunity to perform Haj pilgrimage, considered a must in the life of every Muslim.

    He also said that beside Haj services shortly state haj commattie will start Umrah services also which will be much more cheaper than the private tour opretor.



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