Maharashtra Minority Chairman Haji Arfat Shaikh Visits Malegaon ,Met Fire affected people of Nagapaachi


    Providing alternative accommodation to gas blast victim is our priority” – Maharashtra Minority Commission Chairman Haji Arfat Shaikh
    Maharashtra Minority Commission Chairman Haji Arfat Shaikh on Wednesday visited Powerloom city Malegaon and met with the fire-affected people of Nagapaachi slum area. The fire which caused havoc due to the blasting of gas cylinders has gutted 80 to 90 huts in the fire. Hence touched by the diasater, Haji Arfat visted the area. It may be noted that it was Haji Arfat’ s First Official visit after holding the charge.
    Speaking to media persons during this visit Mr. Arfat said, ” I visited the spot and met people who suffered and lost their houses in the fire incident. I also arranged a special meeting with Sangita Dhaigude, Municipal Commissioner of Malegaon and Addl SP. Both have submitted their reports about this incident. We would soon be providing alternative accommodation to affected victims of the fire.” “In addition, I am also planning to have a special meeting with Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis Sahab for the immediate relief and provisional accommodations for the devastated victims,” he informed.
    During the media briefing, he further said, “Our Government is deeply hurt by the tragic fire accident. We have our sympathies with victims. I have also ordered an inquiry into the incident. Soon the local authorizes will submit the fact-finding report and we will take action according to the report.”
    Meanwhile taking advantage of Arafat’s visit Sangita Dhaigude Commissioner, Malegaon Municipal Corporation handed a Memorandum to Haji Arfat and appealed for urgent relief.
    Speaking with’ Hello Mumbai News Sangita Dhaigude said, ” I have given a memorandum to Haji Arfat Ji and appealed the government to release relief immediately as the affected people do not have houses to live. Hence our priority is to provide urgent alternative accommodation to the affected victims.”
    She added, “I hope Haji Araftji will convey our message to CM Devendra Fadnavis sir.” In her memorandum Sangita Dhaigude also requested to Minority Commission chairman to look into the Education, and the Social problem of Minority people in Malegaon.
    During the visit, Haji Arfat Shaikh was given a warm welcome by local BJP leaders and activist.



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