Maseeha Chief Dr. Mariam Shakir Hingora On South India Tour, Visit Bangalore


    Dr. Mariam Shakir Hingora President of Maseeha Trust is on her South India Tour which includes Bangalore and mysore. She met some Important people related to Social cause and for the upliftment of Society.


    She Met Fishland One of the top sea food restaurants chain in Mysore. Met Mr. Nadeem ahmed General Manager. Karunakar shetty manager and Proprietor Sudhakar pujari and had a good chat on Topics related to Humanity and Social service.

    Speaking with ‘HELLO MUMBAI News’ on Telephone she said” My main purpose to visit south India meeting with our Memon community leaders and discussed the social and community issues and also planning how memon community can progress in the field of Education, Business and corporate world, My tour was successful and got good response ,in future am also planning to visit Chennai and Madurai. Our community is scattered every where it is our duty to organise get together for them and help them”


    Dr. Mariam Shakir Hingora a very dynamic and popular social face among the Memon Community earlier she visited Surat with WMO Team last week she attented AIMJF board meeting function in Indore. Now she is in Bangalore.



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