Modi Sarkar Increases Haj Pilgrims Quota, Hoarding Welcoming Modi Decision Goes Viral in Bhindi Bazaar!

    Increases Haj Pilgrims Quota

    Modi Sarkar increases Haj  Pilgrims Quota; Hoarding welcoming Modi decision goes viral in Bhindi Bazaar!

    With Lok Sabha election around the corner, the BJP Government led by Narendra Modi is appeasing every community. To cheer the Muslim community Narendra Modi has increased the Haj Quota. Muslims have welcomed the move and have expressed joy. Earlier Haj Quota was 1.35 now it has been increased to 2 lacs person. This announcement was made after Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud visited India.

    Huge banners of Narendra Modi announcing an increase in Haj Quota have gone viral in Mumbai’s densely pullulated on Mohammad Ali Raod in Bhendi Bazaar area and the Muslims are praising Modi!

    Speaking to Hello Mumbai News, Rashid Kapadia said, “It’s a good step for the Muslim community. Haj Quota was essential and we have been demanding for many years. The Congress Party, who called itself a secular government, never took such a decision despite ruling so many years but the BJP government has done it.”

    He added, “It’s a historic decision by the PM Modi. The Muslim community has welcomed the decision. I must admit that the BJP Government in Maharashtra and Central are very sincere about the Minority issues. In Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis sanctioned crore of rupees for Maulana Azad Financial Corporation scheme which is for the development of Minorities.”

    It may be noted Mumbai Muslim BJP workers happy by Modi’s decision have put-up huge Hoarding on Mohammad Ali Road and welcomed this Modi Government decision.



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