Mrs. Amber Patel Appointed as Vice President, Maharashtra Ladies Wing of Nav Bharatiya Shiv Vahtuk Sangathana Mr. Haji Arfat Welcomes Her

    Amber Patel Appointed as Vice President

    City based Social Activist and well known face of Mumbai social circle Mrs. Amber Patel appointed as Vice president, Maharashtra Ladies Wing ,of Nav Bharatiya Shiv Vahtuk Sangthana, affiliated to BJP Newly founded by Haji Arfat Shaikh, (Maharashtra Minority Commission Chairman, Cabinet Rank).

    Speaking with ‘Hello Mumbai News’ Amber Patel said, “First I am thankful to Haji Arfat Shaikh (Chairman, Minority Commission, Maharashtra, Cabinet Rank),Mr. Sharif Deshmukh (National Executive President) and Ms. Isha Koppikar (President, Ladies wing Maharashtra) who has given me a such a great opportunity, and have bestowed trust in me.

    I will prove my self and will perform well by connecting the women with the Sanghtana.



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