Mumbai Tour Operators Support Kashmir Tourism! Kashmir is the Safest place in the world

    Kashmir is the Safest place in the world

    Mumbai Tour Operators support Kashmir Tourism!

    Tourism is the major industry for Jammu and Kashmir and is a source of livelihood for many in the state however after the unfortunate terror attack in Pulwama many tourists around the India have dropped their plans to have a vacation in Valley thus affecting their business. Interestingly the tour operators of Mumbai, Pune, and Gujarat have extended their support to the Kashmir Tour Operators and assured of business this vacation.

    Hello Mumbai News spoke to several Mumbai Tour Operators who assured of doing business and claimed Kashmir is a safe place. Mr. Shailesh Patil, Managing Director  Kesari Tours said, “We are into Travel Industry for the last 35 years and sending tourists to Kashmir since 1984. People of Kashmir are famous for their hospitality nature. We condemn Pulwama attack and believe that terrorism and tourism are poles apart.” He added, “Even on the day of Pulwama tragedy our tourists were there but they were safe and reached unharmed to their homes. Thus I think opposing Kashmir tourism is not the solution of the Kashmir issue. All Kashmiris are not terrorists and we should not kill their business of tourism.”

    Satish Bhai Shah, Owner of Pooja Holidays, Ghatkopar, Mumbai, too supported Kashmir Tour. He said, “People should remove fear from their heart and fearlessly visit Kashmir because Kashmir is the safest place in the world for every tourist. We should not mix Terrorism and Tourism as both are different.” He added, “Gulmarg and many places are still beautiful and a major attraction for the tourists. In addition, after Pulwama attack security has been increased, particularly for tourists. Hence we should support Kashmir tourism because it is our state, our land we should stand with the Kashmiris.”

    Pankaj Chadda from Hazel Holidays, said, “It is important to differentiate between Terrorism and Tourism. Kashmir is suffering since 1947.This is not first terror attack which has happened in the valley hence the idea of boycotting Kashmir Tourism is baseless. Remember Tourism Economy is our country’s backbone and we should encourage it.”

    Mr. Prabhu from Heena Holidays said, “Negative propaganda is not good for us because it will hamper Kashmir tourism. We had a very good experience with the Kashmiri people. Every Kashmiri is not a terrorist. We send thousands of people to Kashmir every year. All of them have good experience hence we wish to continue Tourism with Kashmir.”



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