Mumbaikars Protest Against Coastal Road; Police acts tough!!

    Mumbaikars Protest Against Coastal Road

    Mumbaikars Protest Against Coastal Road; Police acts tough!!

    On Sunday, March 10, 2019, Mumbaikars came on the road protesting against the construction of the coastal road in Mumbai. The protestors alleged the coastal road would degrade the environment. The protestors staged a peaceful dharna at Tata Garden at Breach Candy. However, despite peaceful protest, the Mumbai police tried to foil the morcha and manhandled the protestors. The protestors were angry as despite seeking permission from the police in advance for the morcha, the police meted out them a step-motherly treatment.
    The huge protest witnessed hundreds of group of protestors from different organizations like ‘Save our Shores’ and ‘Save the Coast, Develop Responsibly’. Even the local people concerned about the ecological impact of the development of the Coastal Road joined the Morcha. In addition, some top-notch personalities like Susie Shah, general secretary, Malabar Hill Citizens Forum; restaurateur AD Singh with wife-designer Sabena Singh; photojournalist Sooni Taraporewala and golfer Rahul Dewan were part of the protest.

    Dr.Suraina Malhotra protesting aganist Coastal road project with other activists at Tata Garden in South Mumbai.
    Police in Action against protestors in South Mumbai.
    Mumbaikars protesting against Costal road project in South Mumbai..

    NCP leader Dr. Suraina Malhotra who is also active in the citizen movements had also joined this protest. Speaking to Hello Mumbai News, Dr. Suraina Malhotra said, “I strongly believe that the proposed coastal road in Mumbai will adversely damage the environment hence for the obvious Environment Safety reasons and to stop the unnecessary reclamation I joined the protest to register my objection!”
    She added, “All this encroachment on the sea would lead to a backlash of the sea into the city, affect the rainwater drainage and ultimately lead to disastrous flooding.” On being quizzed what is the other option to solve traffic congestion in Mumbai she said, “I think Sea Link Bridge is a better and environmentally friendly option.”

    Social Activist Zoru  Bhathena , requested to all Mumbaikars for taking out time to hit the street for a cause .” Now the time has come all Citizens of Mumbai should oppose this project and protest must be continue in future also ,” Zoru Bhathena said .



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