Muslims Opposes Trump Declaration Of Jerusalem As A Capital Of Israel

    Muslim Protests Against Israel And USA, Jerusalem Capital Of Israel

    *Mark your presence for humanity and peace, come for Jerusalem*

    *All India Muslim Majlise Mushawarat, Mumbai organised a public meeting to condemn US President’s declaration to make Jerusalem capital of Israel. The AIMMM cleared its stand on the issue and expressed that Jerusalem belongs to Palestine, we are in support and solidarity with the Palestinian people and opposes the declaration made by Donald Trump”.


    The committee also announced to support online petition filed by Nadera Alsukkar, a human rights activist from Jordan titled as “Jerusalem must remain the capital of Palestine”. The petition is already signed by more than 14.4 lakh people; Mushawarat has requested its member organizations and the people at large to sign the petition”, said Advocate Asim Khan.


    The event was organised at Khilafat House, Byculla on Friday Evening. It was attended by
    Adv. Asim Khan
    Aamir Edresy
    Farid Khan
    Saeed Khan
    Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi
    Moulana Aijaz Kashmir
    Sararaz Aarzu
    Maulana Irfan Aleemi
    Maulana Abdul Jabbar Mahirul qadri
    Mohammed Arif Faiyazi
    Aslam Ghazi
    Salim Alware
    DR. Salim Khan
    Adv. Zubair Azmi
    S M Malik.




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