Navratri Durga Pooja Special, Navapatrika is an essential part of Durga Puja at Saptami tithi.


    Navapatrika is an essential part of Durga Puja at Saptami tithi. Navapatrika is the combination of the nine plants along with their roots and banana tree tied to the twigs of white Aparajita plant with a yellow thread. These nine plants represent the nine manifestations of Goddess.
    The nine plants of Nabapatrika represents nine Goddesses:
    1. Banana plant: (musa paradisiaca) Goddess Brahmani.
    2. Kachu: (colocasia esculenta)Goddess Kalika.
    3. Haridra/ Turmeric plant(crime longa) Goddess Durga.
    4. Jayanti plant: (sesbania sesban) Goddess Kartiki.
    5. Bel leaves (aegle marmelos) Lord Shiva.
    6. Pomegranate leaves: ( punica granatum) Goddess Raktadantika.
    7. Asoka leaves( saraca asoco) Goddess Shokarahita.
    8.Maan kachu (colocasia esculenta)
    Goddess Chamunda
    9. Rice paddy: ( oryza sativa) Goddess Lakshmi.
    Then the banana tree covered with Red Saree takes a holy bath decorated with Red Sindoor (Vermilion) placed in the left side of Lord Ganesha’s wife (but unfortunately according to the shastra lord Ganesha was unmarried). All this herbs have medicine/herbel properties and are used in our Ayurvedic shastra. Our ancient Great ayurvedists knows that this ritual may be preserved for future so they practised this in the name of God for welfare of the mankind. Have faith in God which will bring you peace and confidence in your life to move forward positively.

    News Input by : Sri Subrata Banerjee ( Guest Editor).



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