PM Modi dream may turn into Daydream in Manipur


    By Aleem Shaikh

    PM Modi dream may turn into Daydream in Manipur. According to Manipur Birth day 21 January 1972, Lagna is Libra and that day Moon was in 6th house means in Pisces.
    Manipur assembly election will be held on 4 March and 8th March, days ruled by Saturn and Jupiter.
    The 4th and 8th March exalted Venus will be in Pisces. Again that time Saturn transit in Sagittarius and Aspect to 9th house (fate and fortune ). And 6th (win )house lord Jupiter is in Virgo the 12th ( loss) house lord, all this planetary transit position indicates the ruling Govt will continue another 5yrs. But will lose many seats,TMC and others regional parties will do well.



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