Potholes Warrior Navin Lade Urges Prime Minister To Start a Swachha Space Campaign

    Navin Lade Urges Prime Minister To Start a Swachha Space Campaign

    Navin lade urges Prime Minister to start a ‘Swachha Space Campaign’

    The issue of debris in space is becoming serious. Panchsheel Seva Sangh Institution through a mail stated that Guinness World Book of Records has with the help of an expert advisor and with the help of the institution via Google Dated 4th jan’2014 gave the information that 14,379 pieces of debris are in space (environment). On the other hand, NASA states on 27th sept’2013, showed approximately more than, 500,000 pieces of debris are there in space and they are traveling at the speed of 17,500 miles per hour (28,163.52 Km/hr) in space. Similarly European Space Agency (ESA) in Jan 2019 States, 128,934,000 objects are rotating in space. After categorization 34,000 pieces of approximately 10 cms and more than 900,000 pieces of 8 cm to 10 cm, 128,000,000 parts of 1mm to 1cm pieces are there in space. At the same time, 8,400 tonnes of space debris or more debris is there in space.

    Navin lade while talking to media said, “This is a matter of grave concern and has to be resolved as early as possible. Pertaining to this we have written a letter to Prime Minister to start a ‘Swachha Space Campaign’ and take an initiative regarding the same!” Informing about the danger Lade said, “The reason behind registering this debris into Guinness Book is to drive Global Awareness around the globe. If this issue gets registered then all the countries will come forward along with India to dispose of this debris and space will be debris free!”

    Navin Lade had also successfully launched ‘Mumbai Permanently Potholes Free Campaign!’ This campaign the total count of potholes was registered in World Records of India and India Book of Records. In this Campaign Panchsheel Seva Sangh associates, Manoj Mishra, Umesh Singh, Balwant Patel, Ravi Mandhre, Ajay Upadhyay, Hemant Rathod, Manoj Panchal, Mangesh Shedge, Makrand Aaware, Seema Yadav and Public Relations Officer Aishwarya Mayekar are active participants.

    -Edited By Mansoor Khan.



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