Shanthi Chauhan Visits in Chandivali Sangharshnagar ,Gets Overwhelming response

    Social Activist Shanti Chauhan with her supporters at Chandivali  Sanghrash Nagar.

    Shanthi Chauhan in Chandivali Sangharshnagar .

    Today Shanthichauhan had a heartfelt session with Chandivali Sangharshnagar residents and party workers

    Shanti Chauhan among the local people of Chandivali Sanghrashnagar.

    , about issues that they face and how to address them.

    The meeting was a grand success and saw women and men of all age groups who eagerly came forward to be a part of the meeting led by Shanthi Chauhan as they found her presence comforting and full of positivity , leading towards a better Mumbai.

    Shanthi Chauhan is being touted as the best choice for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 ,as the chosen candidate repr sending the Congress party , from Mumbai North Central Constituency.



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