Social Service is Integral part of my life Says Shanti Chauhan ,Wishes to Contest Loksabha Election

    Shanti Chauhan with her Supporters in North Central Constituency.
    Shanti Chauhan group picture with the school children .
    Social Service is part of my life Shanti Chauhan is set to Contest Election on people’s Demand .

    Shanthi Chauhan is the quintessential Woman of Substance, who has always given one hundred percent to anything that she takes upon herself, be it as the business savvy entrepreneur that she is or the social causes she stands for, her dynamic leadership and urge to be the torch bearer for uplifting great causes, have led her to be one of the most cherished and revered individual of society. Her journey across various states in India have led her to interact with a different cross section of people and she strongly feels that she is the Daughter of the soil, who aims to be an architect, towards building a strong foundation for the state & for the future generations.

    Shanthi Chauhan , is an Indian entrepreneur, Conceptual Chef and jewellery designer , who found her calling in the field of Social work when she decided to help the villagers of Solanpada village in Karjat. From cleaning up the Solanpada dam, to educating young village girls to obtain degree, to creating employment to villagers and providing the women with small scale industry opportunities. Shanthi Chauhan today has successfully journeyed across the roads of Mumbai North Central ( where she wishes to contest for Lok sabha Elections 2019 representing the Congress Party) . Winning hearts and support of supporters where ever she goes, Shanthi Chauhan has set the precedent high, for others to follow.

    As a dedicated Social worker, she has promised to address issues like Sanitation, Infrastructure, Education and Employment , which are burning issues for survival in our great city.



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