Support to Anna Hazare’s Agitation, Mumbaiker Demands to PM Modi

    Support to Anna Hazare's Agitation



    Prime Minister of India,

    Shri Narendra D Modi,

    North Block, New Delhi.

    Subject :–  Support to Shri Anna Hazare’s agitation and urgent need to take implement the promises made to curb corruption in 2014.

    Dear Shri Narendra D Modi,

    In the year 2014, the citizens of India were delighted to know that you have promised clean governance and a corruption-free India. You had proclaimed that you would not indulge in corruption nor would you permit anyone to indulge in corruption. Wise words indeed.

    Almost five years down the line, in the year 2019, the citizens are disappointed with the steps taken by your Govt. to walk the talk. Mega-schemes like “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” to keep our Country clean have been launched using tax-money. But nothing has been done to usher in Swachh Sashan Abhiyan (clean governance mission), the promises made remains on paper. The laws made to curb corruption (viz. Lokpal and Lokayukta Act, RTI Act, Right to Service Act, Delay in Discharge of Duties Act, Whistleblowers Act etc) have become paper tigers.  On the contrary, the Corporates and family members of Parliamentarians, public representatives and public servants have multiplied their wealth a thousandfold, to say the least.

    But now enough is enough !!

    Too much rope has been given to you in the hope that there would be a change for the better.  It’s shameful that social activists have to agitate for demanding these basic rights which you and the entire Govt. machinery is supposed to provide to the citizenry.  It reflects on your ill-intentions. Your sympathies lie not for the common citizens but for a select few whose support would bring you back to power in the next elections. But if coming back to power is your intention then you better take immediate steps to undo the wrongs committed by your Govt at the earliest.

    We fully support all the demands of Shri Anna Hazare, viz.

    1. i) Implementing the Lokpal – Lok Ayukta Act in letter and spirit,
    2. ii) Implementing the National Agricultural Produce Commission’s recommendations,

    iii)          Implementing the Swaminathan Commission’s recommendations,

    1. iv) Pension to be given to farmers above the age of 60 years.
    2. v) GST be removed  from the purchases made by the farmers (such as seeds, equipments etc.)
    3. vi) Irrigation schemes framed for farmers be implemented in true spirit.

    In addition to the above ensure that :

    1. CBI and other anti-corruption bodies are made independent of the political control;
    2. Supreme Court Order on Police Reforms (in case of Shri Prakash Singh Vs Union of India) is implemented in all States in letter and spirit;
    3. Laws enacted to ensure transparency, accountability and better governance be strengthened and implemented in letter and spirit (viz. Right to Information act, Right to Service Act, Transfers and Delay in Discharge of Duties Act, Prevention of Corruption Act etc.)
    4. Revoke all Circulars, GRs, Notifications etc which prevent action to be taken against corrupt public servants due to lack of sanction from “Competent Authority”. When it is evident that a public servant has indulged in abuse of power and corruption or amassed wealth disproportionate to his known source of income then there should be no need to take the sanction of any higher authority to initiate an inquiry. Such a public servant should be automatically be prosecuted as per the laws of the land.

    Hope action is taken on a war-footing to strengthen our Nation and restore it’s lost glory.

    Thanking you.

    Yours truly,

    G R Vora

    Plot 275/3, Gope Nivas, Sion E, Mumbai – 400022.

    Cell:  9869195785

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