Tragic Incident at ‘Muscle and Mind Gym’, Mumbai Central, CCTV Footage on Hello Mumbai

    Tragic Incident at Muscle and Mind Gym

    This boy aged 23 years whose name is Adnan Memon, had collapsed during workout, in a gym in Mumbai central a day back. After a lot of inquiries Mr.Sajid K.Supariwala (Maharashtra Vice President of Shiv Sena Pranit – Maharashtra Shiv Vahtuk Sena) got the news he rushed to Saboo Siddiq hospital & met the boy & His family. While at his visit in the hospital he spoke to the doctors he was informed that the boys condition is still not completely normal but still on the way to recovery.

    As Mr. Sajid Supariwala himself has been a body builder himself since many years he was shocked to know that the incident could’ve happened due to Steroid Abuse or unnatural hormone injections, etc.And could have been fatal. He said “Nowadays youngsters who are in a hurry to build their physique and take steroids on advice of trainers who are not even so qualified or having proper medical knowledge get into the trap & are unaware of the harmful side effects of these steroids.” He also met the father & the uncle of Adnan Memon and on behalf of the deputy leader of Shivsena, Haji Arafat Shaikh n team of Maharashtra Shiv Vahtuk Sena promised to help them in whatever way they can. He also said” I ADVISE ALL YOUNGSTERS OR NEW GYMMERS TO PLEASE TRY TO BUILD THEIR BODIES NATURALLY & ALSO AVOID LIFTING WEIGHTS WHICH ARE TOO HEAVY & NOT IN YOUR CONTROL, ALWAYS TAKE THE HELP OF PROFESSIONAL TRAINERS WHILE IN GYM, I ALSO ADVICE & REQUEST ALL GYMS TO KINDLY KEEP A HEAD TRAINER TO CONSTANTLY MONITOR THE GYM FLOOR SO THAT SUCH ACCIDENTS DON’T HAPPEN AGAIN”





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