Vulgar Video of Malad Married Woman, Blackmailing ,Triple Talaq, Kurar Police Declines FIR!

    Vulgar Video of Malad Married Woman, Blackmailing ,Triple Talaq

    In laws make a vulgar video of lady and demand 5 lakh, On her denial, the husband gives Talaq:

    A 19-year-old married woman from Gulbarga is visiting the Kurar police station in Malad East to seek justice after his husband abandoned her citing triple Talaq but alas the police has still not registered her complaint.

    The victim in a press statement told that she was married to Mumbai resident Salman Siddique (26) on May 16, 2016. The victim in her statement alleged that her father-in-law and mother-in-law made her vulgar videos of her either changing clothes or having a romance with her husband and blackmailed her. When she protested both her husband and her in-law beat her, abused her and the husband threatened to divorce her.

    The motive behind the harassment was to fetch Rs 5 lakh money from the victim’s father. When the victim declined to bring money then the in-laws invited the victim’s parents from Gulbarga to Mumbai and in the presence of them and in front of a Mulana the victim’s husband divorced the victim citing triple Talaq!!! After this the husband and her in-law kicked-out the victim from their house.

    Condemning the Mumbai police the victim alleged that Mumbai police has taken a bribe from in-law hence they are not lodging her complaint. Frustrated by the police the victim has sought the help of an NGO United Welfare. However, Afroz R. Shaikh (Heena) an associate of NGO United Welfare, who wrote a letter to Mumbai Police, told media that the Kurar police have just given assurance to lodge FIR against the culprits but have still not lodged the complaint. The poor victim since past 18 days is visiting Kurar police but the police are not registering her FIR!!!



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