Waqf Board must be tech – Savvy, and Digital Demands Khalid Qureshi


    By Aleem Shaikh

    Adv.Khalid Babu Qureshi – Member of Wakf Board – Government of Maharastra, visited the Wakf board office in Aurangabad. He submitted the following observations and recommendations to the Maharastra government (Minority department) as follows.
    1. The total system of the Maharastra State Wakf Board should be modernized and computerized.
    2. There should be Electronic payment facilities for the public for payment of fees or any other charges, as is actively promoted by our Honourable Prime Minister.
    3. The staff is very inadequate and the vacant posts should be filled up, immediately with skilled and qualified staff.
    4. There should be a Waqf board office in all the districts of Maharastra.
    5. Basic common facilities like waiting lounge, proper washrooms and canteen services should be provided and maintained for visitors.
    The above points were shared with the concerned officers and also with Shri Ashish Shelarji President-Bharatiya Janata Party-Mumbai.




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