We Should Be Dedicated To Both Matrubhoomi and Karmabhoomi Indo Canadian Kutchi Bussiness Man, Hemant M Shah

    Matrubhoomi and Karmabhoomi Indo Canadian Kutchi Bussiness Man

    We should be dedicated to both Mathrubhoomi and Karmabhoomi – Eminent Indian based Canada business tycoon Hemant M. Shah

    Eminent Indian based Canada business tycoon Hemant M. Shah, Founder of Canada India Trade, is a multifaceted personality and his journey of life is an inspiration for the younger generation. 48 years ago, he emigrated from Varadia village in Abdasa taluka of Kutch to Canada. With dedication, willpower and the determination to make it big he struggled and made a name in the world of trade in Canada. He has brought a revolution in the trade relations between Canada India Trade.

    Informing about his roots Hemantbhai said, “I am fortunate to be born in a family of the businessman. My grandfather started the business of adhesive and launched Narsi Mulji Company popularly known as Gunderwala. However my father, Babu Seth Gunderwala, was of the opinion that I should not enter family business and start my own career on my individual abilities.” He added, “My father advised me to work along with studies. Hence at a young age, I started working. I started with famous industrialist Walchand Heerachand. My first earning was Rs 1200 per month. But my passion was to do something extraordinary.”

    He informed, “My career took a turn when I joined the textile company of my brother-in-law and had opportunities to visit aboard. It was here I learned about global trade, which brought a revolution in my life.”

    Giving an insight into his journey to Canada, Hemantbhai said, “I landed in Canada with my own ability . It was an adventure which I took with a vision to do trade which had links with India. Initially, I did many odd jobs for survival but later at Winnipeg city, I got the opportunity to acquire tenders of Agriculture Equipment for the Canada government company Kipp-Kelly, which is as famous as India’s Tata and Birla Companies. Later I did Export with India in many things including electronic goods. Later I was in 1985 I was appointed as the Advisor of Canada’s renowned Cubex ltd. I worked with them for 35 years and during the course became partner of Cubex ltd. Finally, I must admit that I am proud that in 1990 I sold Corporate Jet to Mumbai and Pune Industrialist and brought laurels to Kutchi Community.”

    Hemant Bhai believes that one should always be dedicated to his Motherland and his land where he works. He said, “Just as Lord Krishna had 2 mothers, Devki and Yashoda, I have 2 mothers India (Mathrubhoomi) and Canada (Karmabhoomi). I think we should be dedicated to both Mathrubhoomi and Karmabhoomi.



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