Music Director Nazakat Shujat has great hope with the Film ‘Atal Faisla is set to release on 10 August


    North India’s small but famous city Saharnpur has given a number of famous Music composers like Sajid -Wajid, Amjad -Nadeem singer Shadab Sabri, and many more but in this list new name has come who is getting more fame and name, Music lovers and industry people have started asking about him, yes we are talking about Music Composer Nazakat Shujaat .Film Atal Faisla is ready to release on 10 August worldwide. The main highlight of the movie is that the music in the Movie is composed by Nazakat Shujat and the song is sung by Singer Altamash and Shadab Sabri. Speaking with Hello Mumbai News, Nazakat shujat said ,” To Compose a music is not a new thing for me it’s a god gift to us. I belongs to a family of Known Music composers like Sajid Wajid Amjad-Nadeem our whole family is god gifted we are known by ‘Music Gharana, I have composed a very good music in the Movie ‘Atal Faisla ‘ and I hope people will like it .Today life of people has become very hectic so they prefer to listen music compare to doing other things ,I am confident the Movie will be hit and my music will be popular in the Industry ”

    Music Director Nazakat shujat  Composed Music in many films like  ‘Love Guru ‘ Phir Tauba Tauba ‘,Dhadkane and Revti.



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