BMC’s Dadagiri! Despite Stay, BMC demolishes 60-year chawl in Malad ,Ahsaan Rehan Demands High level inquiry

    Picture of Janardan Mangesh Chawl,Demolition action by BMC at Malad .
    Stay order copy Exclusive with Hello Mumbai News.

    BMC’s Dadagiri! Despite Stay, BMC demolishes 60-year chawl in Malad .
    In a shocking incident of extreme ‘dadagiri’ by BMC, the civic authority – P Ward ‘South ‘ Engineers on Saturday razed the 60-year-old Janardhan Mangesh Chawl located in Malad East despite the chawl having a stay order by High Court!!! Hence the demolition squad consisting of assistant engineer and DO Narvankar and other are under scanner!
    It may be noted that Janardhan Mangesh Chawal is a ground plus one structure located opposite Vinay Industry, link road Malad West in Mumbai. It was built in 1957 by its owner Janardhan Mangesh Sawant. Speaking to media Janardhan Mangesh Chawal said, “BMC officials have been unnecessarily harassing me both mentally and psychologically hence frustrated by the BMC official’s harassment I took a stay order. Alas despite High Court stay order BMC demolition squad razed by chawl with bulldozer!”
    Irked at the indifferent attitude of BMC officials Janardhan Mangesh said, “When the High Court brings a stay order on a property then under any means it can’t be demolished or constructed under the state of law. However despite the High Court stay-order the BMC officials barged into my property and created havoc!” “These so-called BMC officials did not pay any heed to our plea while they brought down the place and very conveniently walked out of the property. They were extremely humiliating and walked off the scene without any courtesy and apologies after huge damage done to the property,” mourned Janardhan Mangesh.
    With utter rage, Janardhan Mangesh attacked BMC, “All I want to share is who is to blame for the damage done now? We Mumbaikars have been the highest taxpayers in the country but when it comes to these government officials they show no respect towards a common man’s plea and behave worst than a goon.”
    Meanwhile, Janardhan Mangesh has decided not to be silent on BMC’s dadagiri but take action against them. He said, “On Monday I will send notice to BMC and seek a reply for violating High Court stay order!”

    ” It is illegal demolition ,BMC officers did contempt of court they didn’t have a authority I condemned this act ‘P ‘ South  officials should be suspended and legal action should be taken against them,” A well known social activist and journalist Ahsaan Rehan said .



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