Mumbai Roads are turning out to be silent killer! Relevant infrastructure responsible : Navin Lade


    War Against Potholes*Mumbai Roads are turning out to be silent killer!*
    *Relevant infrastructure responsible!!*
    *Regal complaint should be lodged against the concerned infrastructure- Navin Lade!!*
    *Mumbai-* Navin Lade demands from CM and Mumbai Police Commissioner via strict action should be taken against the relevant officers incharge of the infrastructure for not taking corrective action promptly for repairing the damaged paver blocks opposite Chitra talkies Dadar which costed the lives of Saba Shaikh and her Son Saad. Because the paver blocks of the road were damaged and the motor bike these two were travelling by got stuck in the broken paver blocks caused the accident and there after their death!
    Mumbai potholes issue is prevailing since many years and playing a role of a silent killer! Due to which many people have lost their lives. Immediate and a strict action is required to be taken right away is what is written in this email by Navin Lade.
    A resident of Premium Residency-kurla (w) Wasim Shaikh along with his wife Saba and their two children- daughter Mayesha and son Saad had set out to South Mumbai on his motorbike; which got stuck in the pothole at Chitraq Talkies,Dadar. Due to which his wife Saba and Son Saad got thrown from their bike and they came below the wheels of the tanker which was coming from behind and lost their lives. A compliant should be lodged against the respective infrastructure officers responsible for the same!



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