CM Devendra Fadnavis attends Sehri party at Mahim, First Pictures on Hello Mumbai News



    On Saturday chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis attended a Grand Sehri party which was organised by Mahim Dargah Trustee and Businessman Suhail Khandwani at his residence ‘Khandwani House ‘At Mahim.
    “our party and my Government is for everyone we Don’t believe in castism Our PM slogan ‘Sab kaa Saath Sab kaa Vikaas ‘ we believe in it so please join us we will solve your problems, I am thankful to Suhail ji who invited me here and I got an opportunity to do Sehri with him, Said Devendra Fadnavis on this Occasion.
    Mr Suhail Khandwani and his team, Rizwan Merchant gifted a holy Quran to CM Fadnavis

    “we are thankful to our beloved CM Who managed his precious time and attended our Sehri party during heavy rain, he enjoyed our company and conveyed a good message of peace and communal harmony, ” said Suhail Khandwani.
    The Sehri party was attended by elite people from the Muslim community and various political parties such as, Haji Arfat, shiv Sena Minister Arjun Khot ,Mohammed A Sayyed, Parvez Lakdawala, Khalid Babu Qureshi, Haji Babu khan, Amin Patel, Javed Juneja ,Sajid K Supariwala, and Many more.



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