Imminent Green Farms educates our Future Generation on micro-green farming for a healthy life.


    By Aleem Shaikh

    Imminent Green Farms are training children at St.Annes High School on “How to grow their own delicious micro-greens” ..Micro greens are simple to grow and highly nutritious. These super foods can be grown at home and do not require soil! We give each student a growing kit and teach them the entire growing process!
    The kids are very excited and  interested in what is being taught to them. We believe that urban farming should be included as a separate subject in school. We plan to start training students in several schools all over the city! They found the growing kits easy to work with and we made them germinate their own micro greens .on the final day of the training, the students are going to bring some dishes from home and we will show them how to use micro greens in their everyday foods.
    Hopefully every school in the near future will have micro-green farms where students can actively participate in growing activities and help urban agriculture grow.
    Fresh, local produce is the future and it helps form a connection with our food.
    It includes a growing tray, two sets of seeds, coco peat(the growing medium)And the best part is that only water is required to help it grow, no additional nutrients are required.
    Red amaranth, mustard, Basil, moong, green peas, quinoa, beetroot, Ambadi, wheatgrass, sunflower, chia, flax.. the list is endless.
    Linesh Pillai and Gautam Rochlani, of imminent green farms had organised this free workshop from 22nd Feb to 26th Feb.. .at St.Annes School Malad.. .
    Kids enjoyed the workshop and learnt how to grow your own micro greens.



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