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Actress Ameesha Patel inaugurated the first flagship store of Vanior Jewels in Mumbai,See first Pictures here


Bollywood actress Ameesha patel inaugurated the first flagship store of Vanior Jewels in Mumbai. On this occasion, the directors of Vanior Jewels, Hardit Gajaria, Amita Airen, and Vinay Agarawal, honoured Ameesha Patel with a bouquet. Along with the launch of the first store, Ameesha Patel also unveiled the calendar of Vanior Jewels.

Looking extremely beautiful and stylish, Ameesha Patel said that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the opening of this jewelry showroom has happened on such an occasion. She praised the variety and quality of jewelry available at the showroom, emphasizing that they are available at affordable prices. From engagement rings to necklaces, there is a wide variety of jewelry available here. Ameesha Patel said that she would like to say Vanior Jewels is the best. Lab Grown diamond jewelry is the best companion for girls, and their jewelry is invaluable. Just like I have created a stir, Vanior Jewels are also making a stir. The jewelry here and the store are also very beautiful, and I wish it great success.

Ameesha Patel cut the ribbon to inaugurate the store and then visited the showroom. Speaking to the media, she said that there are many varieties of Lab Grown diamond jewelry available here and at affordable prices. There are also many options for people. Amita madam has also made special Lab Grown diamond jewelry for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ameesha Patel further said that jewelry is not limited to girls only, but now jewelry is also in fashion for boys. It’s Valentine’s Week, and there is something available for everyone at Vanior Jewels.

Amita Airen expressed her gratitude for Ameesha Patel’s presence at the opening and said that Ameesha is very pure. There is always a lovely smile on her face. Her presence encourages us all.

Hardit Gajaria said that our goal in launching this store is that now even common people can buy Lab Grown diamonds because while 1 carat mined diamond is available for around Rs 500,000 rupees, we will give our customers the same quality of Lab Grown diamond for only 50,000 rupees.

Vinay Agarawal, one of the directors of Vanior Jewels, underscored the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction through its guaranteed return policy, transparent pricing structure, and a 100% exchange offer based on the diamond’s value. He emphasized that at Vanior Jewels, customers can expect peace of mind, clear pricing, and the assurance of receiving full value when opting for exchanges.

Some questions related to diamonds were also asked on this occasion, and those who answered correctly were honored with beautiful gifts.

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