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Actress Sushmita Sen atends R.D National College’s Annual Festival ‘Malang, First Pictures here

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Actress Sushmita Sen attended R d.national College’s Annual Festival ‘Malang 2024 ‘ She promoted her upcoming webseries in the festival and did some activities with the students.

Master Class With Supremely Talented and Charismatic Actress *Sushmita Sen* at Malang 2024.

Brief About Malang Festival:

Malang’24, RD National College’s fest from Jan 31 to Feb 2, led by the Management Studies Department, breaks academic norms. It’s a lively hub for students to express, compete, and connect. Meticulously planned, Malang blends talents, fosters brotherhood and sparks personal growth. More than a fest, it’s an unforgettable experience with memories.

R. D. National College, known as National College, is a lively educational hub on Linking Road in Bandra, Mumbai. It’s affiliated with the University of Mumbai and holds the distinction of being the first among twenty-four institutions overseen by the Hyderabad (Sind) National Collegiate Board (HSNCB). More than just a college, it’s a place where students learn and grow, contributing to the vibrant academic spirit of Maharashtra.



Under the leadership of Principal Dr. Neha Jagtiani and co-ordinator Dr. Nikisha Kukreja, along with Ms. Darshana Kamble Patel, Ms. Suman Dhanani, and Ms. Chitra Shete, Malang flourish. Their passion is the driving force behind the fest’s accomplishment. Malang’24, guided by Chairperson Karthik Yella, Executive director Bilal Mohammed, and Co-ordinators Siddhi Mahadik and Raj Karbhatkar, creates a vibrant atmosphere of creativity and unity, ensuring the fest leaves a lasting impact.

Bachelor of Management Studies, or Business Management Studies, isn’t just a degree – it’s an exciting journey into marketing, finance, HR, and operations. More than academics, it’s a transformative experience shaping unique personalities. Big thanks to our amazing faculty, adding that extra touch to our learning with real-world insights. They make this educational adventure truly exceptional.

Cultivating sustainability involves small actions like clearing clutter, quenching Earth’s thirst, and embracing “reuse, reduce, recycle.” Each effort adds up, creating a ripple effect of positive change. Let’s nurture our planet, making every drop and every choice count. This extends to using sustainable products and eco-friendly decorations in the fest, contributing to a greener and more responsible celebration.

Immerse yourself in the enchanting spell of our Mytho Fiesta, where themes unveil captivating tales. Let the essence of ancient stories linger in the air, creating a canvas of wonder. Get set for a journey into the realms of magic and mystery!

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