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Ahsaan Rehan Grand Birthday Bash Celebrated at Estella Juhu, See Pictures here


The name Ahsaan Rehan is new to none. He is a famous Entrepreneur & Philanthropist, and an element of change in society. He is also CEO of the Mumbai Achievers Awards Show which is one of the most unique awards show. He recently celebrated his birthday party at Estella Juhu. He is known for unique events and parties,

Ahsaan Rehan loves hosting people and he would always give individual attention to each one of them.
His birthday party was a star-studded affair.

the people in attendance were celebrities like MLA Sanjay Shirsat, Sunil Pal, Shiva Rindani, Adi Irani, Shreya Shukla, Sohel Khan, Ruchi Singh, Advocate Rizwan Merchant, Advocate Aditya Pratap, Mansi Dovhal, Nadeem Supariwala, Former IPS Mohan Rathod, Anu Shukla, Nayannah Mukhe, Abhijeet Rane, amongst many others.

The event took place at Estella Juhu, which is a sea-facing resto-bar and the ambiance is one to remember.

Ahsaan Rehan says, “Thank you so much for the lovely wishes. Great that you all turned up. The media has given me so much warmth from day one. It’s incomplete without them. A huge thank you to all the guests who turned up.Birthday and all is fine but it was more of a reason to meet friends and have some great conversations.

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