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Bollywood Actress Mandakini Inaugurates Sandip Soparrkar’s India Dance Week Season 7

Mumbai, India – Sandip Soparrkar’s India Dance Week Season 7 was inaugurated on April 30, 2023, by the renowned Bollywood actress, Mandakini. The event kicked off with great enthusiasm, and the audience was thrilled to witness the inauguration by such a talented and celebrated actress.

Mandakini expressed her excitement and happiness for being a part of the event and said, “I am very happy as it’s about dance, which I personally like a lot. Sandip is doing this for such a good cause, which itself is such a great thing. I and 100 others like me want to thank Sandip, who always thinks and assumes in life that they want to do something good, but are never able to do because of some other reason. They are not able to make it happen what they think, but he is doing what he wants, which is really a great thing, and being part of this, I’m feeling very good about it.”

Sandip Soparrkar, the founder of India Dance Week, expressed his happiness for having Mandakini as the chief guest at the inauguration. He stated, “I’m very happy that Mandakini Ma’am came on the inauguration. I had messaged her saying that please come to my show as a chief guest, and within that one message and call, she agreed upon it and showed up for the event as the chief guest. Phoenix Market City, Mumbai, and India Dance Week welcome her and thanks for being part of this.”

The event is a celebration of dance and aims to promote it as an art form. Sandip Soparrkar has always been passionate about dance, and through India Dance Week, he is providing a platform for dancers across the country to showcase their talent. The event is not only a celebration of dance but also a social cause, as Sandip Soparrkar is raising funds for various charities through the event.

During the media interaction, Mandakini was asked if the audience will see her on the big screen soon, to which she replied, “It’s very soon for me to make any statement upon it, but let’s hope for the rest.”

Sandip Soparrkar concluded the event by reciting a beautiful poem by Gopalji, “Dukhman Nacho Sukhman Nacho Jeevan Hai Tata Thaiya Kona Jane Kab Ur Jaye Sanson Ki Chidiya Re” which translates to “Dance in joy, dance in sorrow, life is but a fleeting moment Who knows when the bird of breath will fly away.”

The India Dance Week Season 7 promises to be a grand success, and the audience is looking forward to experiencing the magic of dance through this event.

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