Home Business A2 Organics continues to encourage holistic living with cow products amid pandemic lockdown

A2 Organics continues to encourage holistic living with cow products amid pandemic lockdown

A2 Organics continues to encourage holistic living with cow products amid pandemic lockdown
Mr & Mrs. Hiro Harjani with Om Swami.

A2 Organics
Entity Name: Vrindavan Desi Cow Products LLP
Brand Name: A2 Organics
Mission: Encouraging Holistic Living
|| Yatvagasthi gatam papam dehe tishthti mamke
prasnat panchgavyasya dahasagnirivendhnam ||
Meaning: From skin to bones, whatever diseases are in one’s body, are destroyed by Panchagavya just as fire destroys fuel.
*Cow’s milk is referred to as “Gavyas” in ancient Sanskrit text.
Ancient wisdom for the modern times
Desi cows, famous for medicinal properties of their urine; dung and panchagavya (milk, ghee, curd, dung and urine), are acknowledged and well known in world today as divine  beings.
Cow urine is now a part of cancer research medicines. Dung is well known for screening radiations, and A2 type milk can be converted to curd & ghee which are healthy & nourish mankind.
Collectively these 5 derivatives namely dung, urine, milk, curd and ghee are called
Panchagavya (5 vital derivatives from Cow), a super formula known in Ayurveda to cure and prevent many diseases when taken internally or applied on skin.
Modern society, even though aware about the traditional cures and medicinal properties of these Gavyas, remains bereft of curative and therapeutic benefits of these divine Gavyas.

What do we do?
We at A2 Organics are engaged in serving the cows by making best use of cow product
derivatives like dung, urine, ghee, milk and curd, along with herbs by manufacturing
products which are used in our day to day life. We encourage holistic living by providing aninnovative and a wide range of trusted and genuine products derived from desi cow. All our products are made as per FDA guidelines, pass BIS norms, manufactured in a GMP certified
unit, cruelty free, dermatologically safe, organic use bio-degradable ingredients, non-GMO and 100% Vegetarian.
Why are desi cows so important?
Desi cows H.E.A.L. In other words, desi cows are the basis of our health, environment, agriculture and lifestyle.
Health: Ayurveda is incomplete without the Panchgavya from the desi cows. We bring
Panchagavya back to Ayurvedic experts, who by use of licensed medicines which are
prepared in world class facilities; improve the lives of innumerable patients suffering from simple to chronic diseases.
Environment: Desi cow’s dung is the best alternative to firewood not only because it is high in calorific value but because itsaves millions of treesfrom being culled. Cows provide approx.100 million tonnes of dry dung a year costing Rs 5000 crores which saves 50 million tonnes of firewood. Desi cows’ not only conserve the earth but helps purify the elements water, air etc.
Agriculture: 28 types of manure and pest control formulations made from desi cow’s dung,urine and other natural ingredients have been compiled for the benefit of farmers and sustainability of gaushalas.
These include organic and natural substitute of urea, DAP (di-ammonium phosphate) and other harmful chemicals being used in modern agriculture.
Lifestyle: Sustainable and organic FMCG products find their origin in the desi cow. We make natural cosmetics, anti-depressant incense, floor cleaners and FMCG products that are made
from raw materialsfrom the desi cow which come at minimal environmental cost and are par excellence for human consumption and well-beingh.

little bit about our farms:
1. Our Cow Club is spread over 100 acres of land in Pune, Dahanu & Shahapur.
2. More than 150 desi cows
3. We maintain stress free environment for the cows
4. Regular health check-up of cows & organic fodder to them.
5. Our Cow Club was awarded the “Kamdhenu Award” by Government of India &
“Gopal Ratna Award” by State Government
A little bit about our manufacturing facility:
Our Manufacturing unit is certified by Food and Drug Association for Good Manufacturing
Practices (GMP). These practices are rigorously followed in our unit. We give a high stress
on quality management. All the process is done under specialised technician whose
constant monitoring helps to produce a high quality product in ample amount of time.
Technology is as important to us as our ancient science. We impart all the modern
technology in all our departments from Research and Development, Production, Quality Control to Packaging.
A little bit about our founder Mr. Hiro Harjani in his own words:
“I am a sustainable development and nature enthusiast. I identify as purpose-driven and creative. I also value curiosity, compassion, and equality.
I have been successful entrepreneur from London, United Kingdom in the fashion and real estate sector. In 2013 I left the fashion business to my son and went into spiritual life and spent time in Rishikesh. There whilst praying to Lord Krishna and seeing the cows next to the Lord, I got the vision for the brand A2 Organics.
I soon realised I wanted to use carry out research, analyse, innovate, and produce products to help both people and the environment.
I saw that indigenous desi cows in India were not protected, cared for and realised that if nothing is done about it, it would be a great loss to our society and impact the growth of our country. I saw an opportunity to make desi cows a part of daily lives so that we as well as the cows benefit out of it.
I developed the A2 Organics cow products model with a group of farmers, doctors and also set up a manufacturing unit for these products.
The deeper vision was to make desi cow-based health products available to the masses to help everyone live a mentally and physically healthy life. My Vision is to see the cow as the harbinger of organic revolution.

My morning routine includes yoga/meditation, martial arts and reading

picture of Products.

the Bhagavad Gita.
then work on developing new products to grow the A2 Organics range.
A2 Organics is now run by Saiyam Adani who is a shareholder in the company.
Connect with us:
Saiyam Adani
Tel: +919833420989
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.a2organics.in


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