‘Aankhen’ producer Gaurang Doshi announces 3 promising movies under his banner

‘Aankhen’ producer Gaurang Doshi announces 3 promising movies under his banner

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‘Aankhen’ producer Gaurang Doshi announces 3 promising movies under his banner

Gaurang Doshi, one of the youngest producers of the industry is back into the game, after his long period of lull, with three films. His comeback is marked with a revamp of his production house – Gaurang Doshi Productions – with a new and fresh logo setting the ground for his new beginning.
Starting his career at a young age of 16, Gaurang Doshi has worked with popular stars in movies like Beta & Dil and then went ahead to start his own production house VR productions later renaming it to Gaurang Doshi Productions with his first produced movie Aankhen. Starting off with no back-support, as a small-time producer, Gaurang Doshi managed to cast Big B into his film with just one narration of the film and a post-dated cheque, with only 500 rupees in his pocket.
The success of Aankhen garnered him respect not just nationally but also internationally with even Hollywood bidding to win the movie rights of the movie making it one of the classic and best-rated thrillers of all times. Breaking the box office with his very first film, Gaurang Doshi then went on to create back to back hit movies like Deewar, Bavandar and many more.
Apart from being a promising producer, Gaurang Doshi’s passion and creative take on film production have made him the first man to ever hold four Limca Book of records in his name. While his first Limca record was registered for his movie Aankhen for being the first movie being adapted into a PC game of robbery by three blind men, the second one came in for having received Hollywood’s request to buy movie rights for the same movie.
These were then followed by his third Limca record that included his next movie Deewar for having the highest insurance paid of Rs. 30 crores for a movie. Along with this, Gaurang Doshi’s production house also made a record for shooting the first movie promo and promoting it across media for 28 days even before starting the actual shoot of the movie.
Gathering this success and jumping back from all the hardships and personal struggles, Gaurang Doshi is set to revive his production house with the same charm with a list of some fine movies, all supplemented with the presence of a promising line of the cast.
With many potential blockbusters lined up for the next years to come, Gaurang Doshi seems all set to climb the ladders of success, and once again establish a strong foothold in the Indian Film industry with his innovative work, determination and versatility, thereby fulfilling his dream of film-making that has always inspired him ever since he first launched his blockbuster hit ‘Aankhen.’
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