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AssureShift Packers and Movers Review; Mumbai Metropolitan

AssureShift Packers and Movers Review; Mumbai Metropolitan

It’s 2022, and India being the way it is, for either career opportunities or otherwise, it has become essential to relocate at some point in your life.

That point for me was in March 2022. I had to pack it up from Navi Mumbai, a city I had lived in for half a decade, to the garden city of India, Bangalore, and my moving partner, AssureShift.

I will be honest with you. The sheer idea of relocating to another city, let alone another state, filled me with anxiety. There were many things that could go wrong along the way. So I set about crawling the depths of the internet to be as prepared as I could.

I did what anybody in my position would do; I googled for reviews. I sat in front of my laptop and typed “best packers and movers in Mumbai reviews” and read snippets about these almost seemingly perfect reviews for packers and movers, which didn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Along the way, however, I found some reviews that spoke about this little gem called AssureShift.

I went through the Assureshift packers and movers Mumbai page with the same apprehension as the reviews and set about contacting them. What followed was, to my surprise, a neat conversation followed by cost quotes from their most trusted packers and movers in Mumbai (or so they said). But in all honesty, I found out through the entire moving experience, they were telling the truth all along.

I am not saying I had the perfect moving experience. There were a couple of gremlins along the way, but the way it was dealt with by the AssureShift team was what made it relatively stress-free. Quite the contrast to what I was expecting.

So let me walk you through my journey of using their service; right from the very beginning, when I got the first quote from AssureShift.

Booking a Relocation Firm on AssureShift

Finding a relocation partner on AssureShift was surprisingly simple.

I went through their Assureshift packers and movers Navi Mumbai page and found potential moving firms that I could look into.

There is a neat little contact form that guided me through filling up relevant details about my moving requirements. I had to fill out the origin and destination locations, tentative date, and how much of the goods I would be moving with me.

An interesting point to note here is that they also had an option of vehicle-only transport as well. I would go on to not use it as I chose to drive down to Bangalore from Mumbai, but they do offer that service if you are looking for it.

Once all the details had been filled up, I sat back to contemplate this fascinating new website I had found. Within half an hour, I had a WhatsApp message with details of three relocation firms that dovetail nicely with my requirements, and within a few minutes of that, the firms themselves had gotten in touch with me with their initial cost quotes.

After a discussion with all three firms, I chose one that was both affordable and perfect for my needs and got moving.

The Move

Like I said earlier, the move in itself wasn’t flawless. There were a few snags that caught me off guard, but then again, it comes with the logistics business, I suppose.

The process did start off brilliantly, though.

The relocation professionals (with the truck) were at my place right on time, the packing and loading process went perfectly, and the transit went off swimmingly as well.

There were no issues to report at tolls; the trucks were properly documented and carried the required permits, so crossing the state border was a piece of cake.

The first issue I encountered with the entire moving process was right at the end.

The Problem

My belongings were supposed to be delivered at my new home in Basavanagudi, Bangalore, but they never arrived at the assigned time. Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours, but the truck was nowhere, and the firm – unreachable.  I wondered what I could do about such cheap service from AssureShift referrals.

I was, as you can expect, fuming. I got in touch with AssureShift and reported the issue to them.

The Solution

I expected it to take days but within a few minutes, I got a call back from AssureShift’s customer care team reporting that my belongings would be delivered within a day and that I could inform them if it wasn’t.

Although I was a little skeptical at first, I thought I’ll wait it out for a day and had begun planning and preparing myself to get back at them if the delivery failed.

Surprisingly, there it was! At 9 AM the next morning, right at my front gate!

It turns out that the folks at AssureShift had gotten in touch with the firm, spoke to the person in charge and took swift action. I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience.

The rest of the unloading and unpacking went without a hitch. They even helped me move the bed and sofa to their respective spots as a compensation for delaying my delivery. Once everything was ready, I paid them my dues, thanked them for their services, and went about organising my new place.


All in all, it wasn’t the stress-filled experience that some of the moving company reviews online purport it to be.

I have AssureShift to thank for that. While it was not exactly a perfect moving experience, it was as good as it could have been.

Would I recommend AssureShift to you guys?


I honestly don’t see a reason why not.

It’s quite affordable, the folks at Assureshift are very transparent and most important of all, they never put my call on hold or transferred to different people. It doesn’t really matter if anything goes wrong during the move as they will most certainly do everything to get it right and fix whatever issues that might have occurred.

So, I will leave you with this – shifting your home will never be a completely stress-free or problem-free experience. You will never get everything you are promised.

What you can get, however, is a move where you know somebody is making sure it goes without a hitch, and even if there are problems, they will fix them swiftly for you.

This is what I found with AssureShift, and this is why I would recommend them to you as well.


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