Conversation between Entrepreneur Amita Goyal and Santanu Basu, Aditya Birla Finance Limited unveiling the secrets of Real Estate

Conversation between Entrepreneur Amita Goyal and Santanu Basu, Aditya Birla Finance Limited unveiling the secrets of Real Estate


The bustling halls echoed with the anticipation of industry leaders, investors, and enthusiasts, all converging at the REW meeting along with CREDAI MCHI Thane event held on February 19,2024 at Raymond Ground, Thane. In a symphony of innovation and industry collaboration of real estate, REW orchestrated an unmissable event that unfolded at the heart of Thane. As the doors swung open to the event venue, the atmosphere was charged with excitement. The event provided a unique platform for networking and knowledge exchange, with panel discussions and interactive sessions featuring seasoned experts. Attendees had the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations with leaders who shared practical advice and lessons learned from their experiences in the dynamic real estate sector.

As the event started It was an Open Networking followed by Breakfast for all. With opening followed the National Anthem. With great pleasure and anticipation, Mr. Jitendra Mehta, President of CREDAI MCHI Thane was welcomed. The backbone of the event, The REW- Committee Members: Amita Goyal, Darshan Mehta, Parul Patel, Paresh Thakkar, Samir Kampani and Eric Fonseca were welcomed with a warm heart. The event was graced by truly remarkable individuals like JITENDRA MEHTA – JVM GROUP, REZA KABUL – ARCHITECT, VAIBHAV JATIA – OWNER RHYTHM RESITEL, SANTANU BASU – HEAD SME – ADITYA BIRLA FINANCE LIMITED, AMRUT GADA -MD of SEJAL REALTY ,HITESH SETHI – ARCHITECT, MR MANTHAN MEHTA JVM GROUP, ANAND CHARI- BSE SME &STARTUPS, RAMAN IYER- CLUSTER HEAD, RUNWAL DEVELOPERS PVT LTD, DHURENDRA YASHWANT AMKAR SANGEET VISHARAD MUSICIANS, SINGER AND COMPOSER, and many more remarkable backbones of the event. Leadership from REW and CREDAI took centre stage, sharing their perspectives on the current state of the real estate market and outlining collaborative strategies for sustainable growth. The emphasis on responsible development and community-centric projects underscored the commitment of both organizations to create not just buildings but thriving, inclusive communities.

In a captivating session that echoed with insights and experience, Mr. Santanu Basu, a luminary experience of over 20 years an Industry veteran & Head of SME at Aditya Birla Finance, took centre stage at the CREDAI MCHI Thane event for an exclusive interview by Ms. Amita Goyal, MD of Glasba Financial Services. Mr. Basu brought a wealth of knowledge and a visionary perspective that left the audience spellbound. The interview commenced with a discussion on the challenges faced by the real estate sector, particularly in the dynamic landscape of Thane. Mr. Santanu Basu, with his decades of experience, eloquently navigated through the intricacies of policy changes, market fluctuations, and the ever-evolving needs of homebuyers. His insights painted a comprehensive picture of the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of challenges. His predictions about Mumbai’s Micro market are worth listening to!

Mr. Basu discussed how differently they can structure the deal and can also bring funds to the builders for approval stage since now-a-days the costliest affair in the real estate is to get funds as it counts to almost 25% or sometimes 40% of the entire project cost.

Ms.Amita Goyal, MD of Glasba Financial Services interrogated him that at what stage he can come along with builders for the project & there was an instant answer that he is open at any stage and can take comfort of cash flow from other projects. This is a big breather in the real estate industry and it gives comfort to the builder that lender is standing with them and is supporting them when the gimmicks of the game is correct.
Mr. Basu answered that there is no market restriction for them when it comes to cater to the builders of Thane, Navi Mumbai or Mumbai suburbs region.
Mr. Santanu Basu’s interview along with Ms.Amita Goyal at the CREDAI MCHI Thane event was more than a conversation; it was a masterclass in leadership, vision, and resilience. As the event unfolded, Santanu Basu’s words continued to resonate, serving as a beacon for industry professional.


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