ESTANSA Launches The Estate Leverage System; Brings Customised Real Estate Projects On Board

ESTANSA Launches The Estate Leverage System; Brings Customised Real Estate Projects On Board

ESTANSA Launches The Estate Leverage System; Brings Customised Real Estate Projects On Board.

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Mumbai, Monday, May 01, 2019– Estansa Realty Consulting Pvt. Ltd. has launched the ‘Estate Leverage System’ for Indian Residents & NRIs across all major cities in India and across the globe.
The Estate Leverage System is a strategic tool that replicates the property buying patterns of large private equity companies and ultra-rich individuals with high net-worth. The system customizes it to suit the requirements of the discerning upper middle-class segment of Indian residents & NRIs across India and the globe.
The Estate Leverage System – Enabling Identification Of Handpicked Real Estate Properties
According to Mr Vijay Naraayanan, CEO, Estansa Realty Consulting Pvt. Ltd., “The Estate Leverage System is a selection of tools for identifying handpicked real estate projects across India that enables buyers & investors to earn far higher incomes as compared to most of the other projects.”
A conventional property in India delivers not more than a net rental yield of 2.5% per annum of the property value, which barely covers 20% of the monthly EMI of the loan on the property.
With the Estate Leverage System, for the first time, individuals would be able to identify and buy select hand-picked properties. These properties deliver far higher rental Incomes which equal and even surpass the monthly EMI obligations, thereby making these properties debt-free.

Financial Freedom – Opposing The Idea Of Retirement At 60 Years
This will allow individuals & families to enter a sector that has only been dominated by large private equity players and the ultra-rich segment of India. It will provide them with the liquidity and access to capital to buy multiple properties and attain financial freedom in just a few years, as opposed to the conventional idea of retiring at 60 years.
‘I firmly believe that financial freedom in our prime youth is a birth-right that we have forsaken in exchange for an illusionary and warped ‘Get-Rich-At-60′ vision. The methods of the Ultra-Rich Investors to use Real Estate as a strategic tool to earn positive cash-flows and gain wealth is in stark contrast to how the individual salaried class employs Real Estate. We get into a life-long debt of 15-20 years to buy the house that we reside in, thereby sacrificing the only leverage we have in our hands, to gain financial freedom.” continues Mr Naraayanan.
Estansa Enables Fulfilment Of Financial Goals In Prime Years While Being Debt Free
The ‘Estate Leverage System’ will be a one-stop source for all individuals who want to escape the daily 9 am to 7 pm grind and fulfil all their financial goals in their prime youth as opposed to 60 years and join the new school of thought which emphasises on Financial freedom being fundamental to existence.
All that one needs to embark on the financial freedom journey by acquiring ‘debt-free’ properties is the credibility of raising a bank loan of Rs. 50 Lacs+ and a down payment of 10 Lacs+. With just a small corpus as this, an individual would be able to own multiple high-income properties in the next few years, thereby paving the way to create massive positive cash flows and financial freedom.
One-on-One And Online Consultation Sessions Offered To Everyone
For residents in Mumbai and Pune, Estansa offers personal consulting sessions while for the rest of the country and world, the consulting sessions will be provided via a video call (Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, etc.)
For more details on how the ‘Estate Leverage System’ can set you firmly on the path to financial freedom without incurring debt, reach out at
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