Huge decline in the number of Biharis coming to work in Mumbai, read details report here

Huge decline in the number of Biharis coming to work in Mumbai, read details report here


Bihar government minister admitted that now workers want to stay in Bihar for the development of the state

Mumbai, 16 October. There has been a huge decline in the number of people from Bihar coming to the country’s financial capital, Mumbai, in search of employment, and more than 15 lakh people have registered to live and work in Bihar. Most of the people who returned to their homes after Corona have now started employment by staying in Bihar, and there are very few who have returned to Mumbai for their livelihood.
Bihar’s Industries Minister Sameer Mahaseth, who came to Mumbai to attend the Investor Summit, said in clear words while talking to journalists that earlier many people from Bihar used to come to Mumbai for work, but during the Corona epidemic, the working laborers of Bihar started leaving Mumbai for their homes and villages. Returned, but after the end of the pandemic, the number of people returning to Mumbai reduced as compared to the number of people who returned to Bihar. Their numbers have declined. In the employment portal launched by the Bihar government, so far, 15 lakh, 29 thousand people have registered themselves for various jobs, and their age is less than 35 years. Not only in Mumbai, the number of returning Biharis from other parts of the country has decreased.

Shri Mahaseth claimed that the working people who returned to Bihar no longer wanted to leave their homes and had started their employment in Bihar itself. They want to stay in the state and create employment for others. He said that the Bihar government has come up with new proposals for 40,000 small-scale industries in Bihar itself for the migrant laborers of its state so that more and more people can be provided employment in the state.

Mr. Mahaseth said that Mr. Nitish Kumar’s government wants to change the image of Bihar. We are taking Bihar from consumer to producer. We are laying more emphasis on cluster development so that area-wise development can be further promoted.
He also said that in the recent caste and economic survey conducted in Bihar, it was found that the population in Bihar has increased, and there are many people among them who had returned to Bihar during the Corona period but did not return. People in Bihar now want to live with their families.

At the ongoing Bihar Investment Summit in Mumbai, Industry Department Director Pankaj Dixit said that with the increasing demand for energy, Bihar is aiming to become the number one state in bio-fuel. Bihar has received 33 applications for biofuel, of which 17 have been approved and five have started functioning.
He said that we are aiming for sustainable industrial development along with biofuel consumption. He said that Bihar has become the first state to approve the biofuel policy.
In this investor meeting of the Industries Department of Bihar, it was told that all the logistics support will be provided to the companies investing in Bihar. Bihar Industries Director Mr. Pankaj Dixit said that more than 40 investors have shown interest in investing in Bihar in the Mumbai Investor Summit, in which many industrial groups, including Aristo, Alkem, Godrej, and Kamat, have shown interest in investing in Bihar. He has invited many companies to the Global Investor Summit to be held in the state on December 13 and 14 December.


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