IDFC FIRST Bank and Mastercard unveil the FIRST SWYP Credit Card – The coolest card for today’s generation!

IDFC FIRST Bank and Mastercard unveil the FIRST SWYP Credit Card – The coolest card for today’s generation!


The Gen Z focused card offers innovative EMI features, Payment Flexibility, Exciting Merchant offers , An accelerated referral benefit program & all this on the coolest credit card design!

Mumbai, 8th December, 2023: IDFC FIRST Bank expands its credit card offering for the youth with the introduction of the FIRST SWYP Credit Card. Created for today’s Gen Z generation, the card is designed to provide exciting lifestyle-related offers through our feature merchants & EMI benefits to cardholders, complete payment flexibility and a plethora of referral benefits. The card provides payment flexibility to the customer, as they can pay in full or convert to easy fee based EMIs. Powered by Mastercard, this card is designed to meet varying lifestyle requirements of the youth & the young at heart, focused on affordability, convenience and increased customer engagement.

After the success of FIRST Millennia Credit Cards, this new launch further extends IDFC FIRST Bank’s offering coverage across Millennials and Gen Zs, intensifying their focus to address demands of new-age customers, blending benefits across their favorite categories of spends and talkworthy offers and innovative propositions

‘We are thrilled to announce the launch of the FIRST SWYP Credit Card, a product that truly embodies our commitment to innovation & designing relevant new products for younger audiences’ said Mr. Shirish Bhandari, Head Credit Card Business at IDFC FIRST Bank. This card will reinvigorate the youth’s relationship with credit card usage, due to its inherent ability to be used as a no-interest charge card, as well as its host of smartly curated features, namely, flexible bill repayments through EMIs, a strong, benefit-laden referral program that’s geared towards enhancing social connect, and a plethora of exclusive and relevant merchant partnerships. We are confident in this card’s ability to deliver on our commitment towards providing ease, flexibility & lived experiences to the younger customers of today.”

Gautam Agarwal, Division President, South Asia, Mastercard, said, “The Youth of today want products that are reflective of their individuality. That’s why, brands need to constantly innovate and collaborate to design products and solutions that resonate with Gen Z & Millennials. Mastercard is delighted to partner with IDFC FIRST Bank to support the launch of the FIRST SWYP credit card. This new card is a perfect combination of security and benefits and will allow the youth to transact with ease and confidence.”


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