Illuminating Pathways: Empowering MSMEs with Financial Clarity, read Amita Goyal ‘s Post here

Illuminating Pathways: Empowering MSMEs with Financial Clarity, read Amita Goyal ‘s Post here

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In the bustling realm of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), the pursuit of sales often overshadows the need for strategic financial navigation. That’s right. Many MSME promoters are adept at steering their businesses toward sales milestones, yet they find themselves adrift when it comes to financial strategy.

To add to this, most MSMEs lack the financial bandwidth to employ a good CFO or engage a good Chartered Accountant. In the absence of these, they lack financial mentorship especially crucial in their formative years ranging from inception to the five-year mark.

Amita Goyal founder Glasba Financial Services

Recognizing this gap, Glasba steps in as a guiding light to help MSMEs navigate the Financial Landscape smoothly.

Here’s where Glasba becomes more than a service provider; we become your financial mentor.

Turning Raw Data into Financial Insight: You are welcome to send us your data in its rawest form and we will set the transformative process in motion. In just a week, Glasba goes beyond the numbers to offer you:

Industry Outlook: A comprehensive view of your industry’s current landscape.
Shareholding Analysis: An examination of your company’s share structure.
Director Profiles: A detailed profile of the individuals steering your company.
Promoter Insights: Understanding the vision and aspirations driving your enterprise.
Financial Analysis: A thorough examination of your company’s financial performance over the past three years.
Debtor’s Analysis: Evaluating your financial relationships and obligations.
Infusion Guidance: Expert advice on the optimum amount of capital infusion.
Government Scheme Recommendations: Guiding you toward beneficial government schemes.
Two-Year Strategic Plan: A roadmap outlining your company’s strategic goals for the next two years.
Facilitating Collaboration for Collective Growth:

Our commitment doesn’t end with a report. We believe in fostering a community of growth.

After the analysis, we extend an invitation to a one-on-one meeting or a joint gathering of like-minded promoters from allied industries. This collaborative approach allows for shared insights, learnings, and collective empowerment.

Are you ready to transcend the confines of traditional financial approaches? Connect with Glasba Financial Services for this unique offering tailored exclusively for you.
As we bask in the radiant glow of Diwali and welcome the Hindu New Year, let us illuminate the path to financial clarity and set the stage for your MSME’s journey toward enduring success.

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