Home Profile Listing Meet Ajay Bhatiwal Delhi based Digital Media Entrepreneur and founder of ABC World Media,read his Success Story here

Meet Ajay Bhatiwal Delhi based Digital Media Entrepreneur and founder of ABC World Media,read his Success Story here

Meet Ajay Bhatiwal Delhi based Digital Media Entrepreneur and founder of ABC World Media,read his Success Story here

In our Entrepreneurs and Success Stories series in this Episode we are introducing you a very dynamic and popular face in Digital Media world who doesn’t need any kind of Introduction yes we are talking about Ajay Bhatiwal founder of ABC World Media who shared his Entrepreneurial journey and Success story with us.so guys please read this article we hope you will inspirE 

Hello Mumbai News: What prompted you to take up entrepreneurship? Tell our readers about your products and services.
Ajay Bhatiwal: I always believed in establishing a distinct identity and a reason for which the client should be able to clearly distinguish between a service and the service. My journey into entrepreneurship was driven by a passion for innovation and a desire to reshape the advertising and creative services landscape. ABC World Media is a comprehensive agency that offers a wide array of services designed to cater to the dynamic needs of our clients.
At ABC World Media, our commitment to research-oriented, future-facing, customer-focused solutions is unwavering. Our diverse clientele includes Publishers, Brands, Agencies and Government Institutions. Creativity is the cornerstone of our service delivery, ensuring that every message we convey is engaging and impactful.
Hello Mumbai News: What are the prospects for Startups in India for Entrepreneurs?
Ajay Bhatiwal: The prospects for startups in India are incredibly promising. India has witnessed a burgeoning startup ecosystem, supported by government initiatives and getting fueled by a growing consumer market. Entrepreneurs in India have access to a diverse talent pool, increasing investment opportunities and a digitally savvy population. It’s an exciting time for those looking to innovate and create new ventures.
Hello Mumbai News: Do you agree India has huge potential in the Gaming Industry and startup?
Ajay Bhatiwal: Absolutely, India holds immense potential in the gaming industry and startups. With a large youth population, rising smartphone penetration and a passion for gaming, the Indian gaming market is thriving. The potential for innovative startups in the gaming sector is vast, ranging from game development to esports and independent gaming platforms.
Hello Mumbai News: What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?
Ajay Bhatiwal: The three factors that came across as a roadblock while dealing with clients were deficit of trust, transparency and time. At the outset, establishing trust and credibility in a competitive industry was a challenge. Additionally, building a skilled team and on-boarding initial clients required persistent effort. Adapting to the ever-evolving digital landscape and staying updated with industry trends were ongoing challenges.
Hello Mumbai News: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?
Ajay Bhatiwal: To be on my own and build a frame work where I as an individual was satisfied in the services that my team was proposing to the clients. I strongly believe that business should be built on merit and not just market factors. At the end of the day, there should be value driven by the services or the product that you are offering. My single biggest motivation was to offer one or the other form of uniqueness to the client and which influences me first before the client. I wanted to thrive more on the creative designs that should match the client objective. As a team we have been getting new business more from client recommendations and that became a testimony to give your clients paramount importance no matter what the volume of business is.
Hello Mumbai News: Is India a good destination for the online Gaming Industry?
Ajay Bhatiwal: India is indeed a promising destination for the online gaming industry. It offers a vast and engaged user base, a growing esports trajectory and increasing investment opportunities. The Indian gaming market is poised for substantial growth.
Hello Mumbai News: Introduce yourself for our readers.
Ajay Bhatiwal: I started my career from the broadcast industry and with time ventured into the digital advertising industry. My entrepreneurial stint started with the formation of ABC World Media. It has been an exciting journey so far with ups and downs with a firm belief now that every day brings with it a new opportunity and one aim for the best shot. If you are able to provide your clients a purpose driven approach, clients would most likely come back to you. As a team, I try to imbibe a strategic and research-led approach in order to make your solutions stand out from the market.
Hello Mumbai News: What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
Ajay Bhatiwal: My advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to stay dedicated, embrace challenges as learning opportunities and surround themselves with a talented and passionate team. Continuously adapt to industry trends, focus on customer satisfaction and maintain a long-term vision for your business.
Hello Mumbai News: Tell something about your identity and recognition.
Ajay Bhatiwal: ABC World Media has gained recognition for its commitment to quality, performance and client-centric approach. We have successfully partnered with a diverse range of clients and received positive feedback for our creative solutions and strategic insights.
Hello Mumbai News: How can our readers Ajay Bhatiwal: connect with you on social media?
You can connect with us on our social media platforms:
LinkedIn: ABC World Media
Instagram: @abcworldmedia
Hello Mumbai News:What are your future plans for your company? What’s your vision and mission?
Ajay Bhatiwal: Our vision is to continue being a leader in creative and advertising solutions, expanding our global footprint and innovating in response to industry changes. Our experience working with the igaming industry has exposed us to performance led solutions which has been a great learning. Our mission is to empower businesses to thrive through effective marketing strategies, always prioritizing quality, performance and client satisfaction. We continue to explore opportunities in the ever-evolving digital landscape to stay at the forefront of our industry.


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